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AGRANA and GaultMillau award title "Chef of the Year 2016" to Konstantin Alexander Filippou

Date: 11.09.2015

Restaurant Konstantin Filippou, Dominikanerbastei 17, Vienna

Konstantin Alexander Filippou has long enjoyed a reputation in the industry as a brilliant master of the culinary arts. He knows how to create the finest dishes for his guests the various taste components of which are not only amazingly well coordinated but also outstanding for the high degree of aesthetics achieved through their decorative arrangement. In the 2015 Austrian GaultMillau Guide, this 3-star chef scored 18 out of a maximum of 20 points.

The Chef of the Year award from GaultMillau is the highest award in the Austrian catering business. The prize was awarded this year for the 33rd time. AGRANA has been supporting this event for 23 years. As a globally successful company, AGRANA adds value to natural resources in its three business segments: sugar, starch and fruit.

Konstantin Filippou is very proud to receive the prestigious award of Chef of the Year: "I am delighted by this award. I have been able to live out my dream and have now received this honour, which makes me both proud and grateful. It is not me that is Chef of the Year but my entire team. It is only possible to master the challenges of this profession as part of a top-performing team. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to work like this."

Johann Marihart, CEO of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG: "We are delighted to award this year's prize to Konstantin Filippou. His culinary skills are characterised by creativity, innovation and the outstanding quality of the products he uses. These characteristics align perfectly with the qualitative demands of AGRANA when it comes to adding value to agricultural products."  

Martina and Karl Hohenlohe, publishers of the Guide GaultMillau, acknowledge this outstanding talent: "Konstantin Alexander Filippou – half Greek, half Austrian – cannot deny his origins. And he doesn't want to either. His creative breakthrough came with the opening of his own restaurant and the amazing speed at which he has developed since. With commensurate skill he combines unusual ingredients such as duck tongues, oysters and radishes to conjure up creative works of art. Amazing. So much so that we found him to be a more than worthy Chef of the Year."

PROFILE OF A STAR CHEF: Konstantin Alexander Filippou was born in Graz in 1980 as the son of a Greek father and an Austrian mother. The multicultural combination of his parentage and the Mediterranean influences of his childhood had a major impact on his development. In 1995 Filippou decided to embark on a career as a chef. His first career stop was in Filzmoos, Austria at the Hotel Unterhof. This is where the head chef took him under his wing and taught him the basics of Austrian cuisine. In 1999 he moved on to Restaurant Obauer in Werfen in order to learn a further important aspect: how to work efficiently with the product. Further career stops have included:

2000-2003     Restaurant Steirereck, Vienna
2003-2004     Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, London
2005             Arzak Restaurant, San Sebastian
2006-2011     Restaurant Novelli, Vienna
Since 2013     Head Chef and Owner of Restaurant Konstantin Filippou, Vienna

SUGAR. STARCH. FRUIT. – AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG is an internationally successful and sustainability-oriented company in these three segments. The core competence of AGRANA lies in adding value to agricultural commodities to create high quality products for downstream processing industries. With around 8,700 employees, AGRANA is active on all continents. The Group generated revenues of around 2.5 billion euros in its 2014|15 financial year.

AGRANA products are a key component of daily life. These range from sugar and starch in food products, textiles and paper to fruit preparations for yoghurts and fruit juice concentrates. The brand Wiener Zucker, through which AGRANA is represented in the Austrian food retail sector, covers a wide range of sugar and speciality sugar products. With its outstanding levels of quality and attractive packaging design, the Wiener Zucker product range is very much a part of the sweet side of life in Austria.

<link file:9426>Caption (from left): Johann Marihart (CEO of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG), Konstantin Alexander Filippou (Chef of the Year 2016), Martina Hohenlohe (Editor-in-Chief of GaultMillau) and Karl Hohenlohe (Publisher of GaultMillau).

Photograph: Gerhard Deutsch   

Markus Simak, Press Officer of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG, Tel. +43-1-211 37-12084
Martina Hohenlohe, Editor-in-Chief of GaultMillau, Tel. +43-1-712 43 84-10
Karl Hohenlohe, Publisher of GaultMillau, Tel. +43-1-712-43-84-20

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